In year 9 we begin our Key Stage 4 studies and focus on the skills that will be examined to succeed at GCSE.


In Year 9 we will study the following:

• A novel
• Writing for different audiences and purposes
• Poetry
• GCSE Controlled Assessments


Skills Covered and Assessment Objectives

AO1 Speaking and listening

  • Speak to communicate clearly and purposefully;
    structure and sustain talk, adapting it to different situations and audiences;
  • use Standard English and a variety of techniques as appropriate.
  • Listen and respond to speakers’ ideas and perspectives, and how they
    construct and express meanings.
  • Interact with others, shaping meanings through suggestions, comments
    and questions and drawing ideas together.
  • Create and sustain different roles.

AO2 Reading

  • Read and understand texts, selecting material appropriate to purpose,
    collating from different sources and making comparisons and cross references
    as appropriate.
  • Develop and sustain interpretations of writers’ ideas and perspectives.
  • Explain and evaluate how writers use linguistic, grammatical, structural and
    presentational features to achieve effects and engage and influence the
  • Understand texts in their social, cultural and historical contexts.

AO3 Writing

  • Write to communicate clearly, effectively and imaginatively, using and
    adapting forms and selecting vocabulary appropriate to task and purpose
    in ways that engage the reader.
  • Organise information and ideas into structured and sequenced sentences,
    paragraphs and whole texts, using a variety of linguistic and structural
    features to support cohesion and overall coherence.
  • Use a range of sentence structures for clarity, purpose and effect, with
    accurate punctuation and spelling.
    (At least one third of available credit for AO3 should be awarded to the use
    of a range of sentence structures for clarity, purpose and effect, with
    accurate punctuation and spelling.)


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